Building A Financial Legacy

Who We are:

Welcome to Core Global Training—your partner in navigating the financial world with ease and confidence. At the core of what we do is Core Global Financial, a dedicated sector of our company committed to making financial literacy and well-being accessible to every family. We believe that understanding money shouldn’t be complicated, and we’re here to prove just that.

Our goal is simple: to help you get your credit score up, get rid of debt, and start building real wealth that lasts for generations. It’s about more than just making ends meet; it’s about setting up a future where you and your loved ones can thrive.

With Core Global Financial, you’ll find all the tools and support you need in one place. Whether it’s learning the basics of managing your money, finding the best ways to boost your credit, or figuring out how to erase debt from your life, we’ve got your back. And when it comes to protecting your family’s future, we’re here to help you understand your options for life insurance, whether you’re looking into Term Life or Permanent Life Insurance. We want you to feel confident about your choices, especially if you’re interested in the idea of becoming your own bank.

Think of us as your friendly neighborhood financial guide. We’re here to make the complex world of finance simple and accessible, so you can focus on what matters most is building a secure and prosperous future for yourself and those you love. Let’s get started on this journey together.

Get A Secured Credit

How can you rebuild your credit when you can’t get approved for a line of credit in the first place? INCREASE YOUR CREDIT SCORE WITH A SECURED CREDIT CARD

Get A Secured Loan

When you open your Credit Strong account, our bank instantly gives you a loan and places the loan funds in a FDIC insured savings account in your name.

Our Core Mission

Our main goal is to teach families the money smarts that schools don’t cover, helping them use this knowledge to become financially independent. We want to share the kind of money-saving and making strategies that usually only rich folks know about, giving every family a step-by-step plan to build wealth that lasts for generations. We’re here to make the tricky parts of managing money simple, so families can make smart choices and set up a future where they and their kids are better off financially

Our Offer

We offer a variety of productivity products, proven successful strategies, and financial services that are designed to help people achieve their credit score building goals, financial success goals, and retirement goals.