Building A Financial Legacy

Who We are:

Core Global Financial is one of the sectors of our training company and is responsible for bringing financial literacy to families, provide strategies to boost credit, eliminate debt, all while building wealth and creating a generational financial legacy. Core Global Training is our training company and is the creator of the Success Development System.
The SDS has 4 areas of focus. Corporate Training, Financial Coaching, Life Coaching, and Spiritual Coaching. These areas of focus all start with an assessment and was designed and created for the purpose of exposing our weaknesses and addressing them and revealing our strengths and learning how to operate in them. Core Global Training also specializes in course creation, provides online courses, and offers one on one mentorship for our corporate clients and individuals.

Get A Secured Credit

How can you rebuild your credit when you can’t get approved for a line of credit in the first place? INCREASE YOUR CREDIT SCORE WITH A SECURED CREDIT CARD

Get A Secured Loan

When you open your Credit Strong account, our bank instantly gives you a loan and places the loan funds in a FDIC insured savings account in your name.

Our Core Mission

  • To teach families financial literacy they never learned in school and how to take that knowledge to become financially free.
  • To show families strategies to obtain financial freedom that only the wealthy know.
  • To give families a blueprint to obtain generational wealth.

Our Offer

We offer a variety of productivity products, proven successful strategies, and financial services that are designed to help people achieve their credit score building goals, financial success goals, and retirement goals.